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Approval of the Trump economic record is buoyant, among those who kept their jobs.

Even as President Trump’s overall approval ratings have fallen during the pandemic, voters continue to give him comparatively high marks on the economy. That appears to be true even for people bearing the brunt of the pandemic-induced recession.

Over all, 47 percent of registered voters say they think Mr. Trump would do a better job on the economy than his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., according to a survey conducted this month for The New York Times by the online research firm SurveyMonkey. That’s a bit worse than the 49 percent who prefer Mr. Biden on that issue, but much narrower than the 14-point margin by which voters prefer Mr. Biden on the pandemic.

Voters who have lost their jobs during the pandemic rate Mr. Trump a bit worse on the economy, favoring Mr. Biden by 53 percent to 42 percent. (There is little difference in preference between those who have since returned to work and those who remain unemployed.) Voters who never lost their jobs, on the other hand, slightly prefer Mr. Trump on the economy.

But that gap is explained almost entirely by differences in gender, race and other factors. Women, young people and Black and Hispanic people were more likely to lose their jobs in the pandemic and are also more likely to prefer Mr. Biden on a wide range of issues, including the economy.

Job losses may have chipped away slightly at Mr. Trump’s support among one group: Republicans. Among Republicans who have lost their jobs and remain unemployed, 85 percent prefer Mr. Trump on the economy, compared with 96 percent of Republicans who have held on to their jobs throughout the pandemic.

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